3rd overall pick Joey Bosa still has not signed a contract with the San Diego Chargers. According to an article from USA Today, the Chargers have withdrawn their latest contract offer. The latest contract offer included a signing bonus that would have been the largest that any player has received in the past 2 drafts. Bosa has rejected every contract the Chargers have offered him and the two sides cannot seem to come to an agreement. The lack of agreement between the two sides has left many Chargers fans and NFL fans confused. Why can't Bosa just ink his name on that contract? Turns out that is something very foreign to him.

Sources close to Joey Bosa and his family told reporters today that Bosa has not signed a contract with the Chargers because he forgot how to spell his name. Joey's parents John and Cherly thought that it would be easy for his son to remember his number because it is only four letters, but that does not seem to be the case. Even Joey's brother Nick, who is attending his brother's alma mater, can spell the name. "I never got straight A's in school, but I'm pretty sure it's spelled J-O-E-Y" Nick said. "I thought I was the dumb child, turns out I'm a lot smarter than I thought." Joey said the situation is much more complicated than it seems. He said, "At Ohio State, I never had to do any school work, so I never had to write down my name." "I know how to pronounce my name, I just am still confused if there is a Y or an E at the end." One reporter asked him to spell "Chargers" but Bosa avoided the question.

Bosa's former college coach, Urban Meyer, backed up his former player when appearing on SportsCenter today. "How can you blame the kid? We only put the last name on the jersey's so it doesn't surprise me one bit" Meyer said.

The Charger's organization has not commented on the situation yet. If Bosa does end up signing with a NFL team, it is expected that they will put his first and last name on the front of his jersey. An anonymous NFL executive said, "We could not risk [Bosa] straining his neck if he is constantly turning around to look at the back of his jersey."

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The saga of USA swimmer Ryan Lochte continues. The Swim company Speedo announced today on Twitter that they would be dropping the sponsorship of Ryan Lochte, along with donating $50,000 to a charity partner. It is expected that other sponsors including Ralph Lauren will be expected to be dropping Lochte as well. According to CNN, Speedo's Twitter account took down a picture of Lochte wearing his Olympic medal off of their home page and released this statement regarding the situation. 

Lochte responded to the dropped sponsorship by telling reporters that he respected the decision by Speedo, but is still looking to compete in the 2020 Olympics, so he will have to look else wear for clothing. Since Speedo sponsors most of the men and women on the USA swimming team, it has left many wondering what swim gear Lochte will be sporting for his upcoming events. After releasing his response, Lochte went and agreed to a 10 year contract with Toys-R-Us to wear floaties for all of his future events. You heard that right. Ryan Lochte will not be competing in a speedo, but in pool floaties. This is the first time in swimming history that a major swimmer will be wearing floaties for his competitions. With Michael Phelps uncertain for the 2020 Olympics, Lochte may finally have that competitive edge over everyone else in the sport. 

It is expected that Locate's new swim outfit will consist of 2 arm floaties, one for each arm, and a tube floatie for his torso. According to the contract, there will be some flexibility that will allow for Lochte to choose between a giraffe or alligator for his torso floatie. While this new agreement has made big noise in the swimming community, there have been some contingencies placed into the contract. Since Lochte will be wearing the floaties for all of his future swimming events, he will be given a 10-second head start at the beginning of each race. Lochte also will be required to warm up in the kiddy pool before each race. His contract will be automatically terminated if Tom Brady tampers with the PSI of the floaties or if Lochte lies about peeing in the pool.

This new deal with floaties is expected to be revolutionary in swim wear and Toys-R-Us expects other swimmers to sign with them in the upcoming years. 

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If you did not watch UFC 202 last night, you missed out on a great fight. Conor McGregor was able to edge out Nate Diaz via a majority decision. This was a rematch of a UFC 196 back in March, where Diaz was able to hand McGregor his first loss by beating him in 2 rounds. Although McGregor was able to come away with the victory in the rematch, Diaz felt that he should have won. After the match Diaz told reporters, "All I know is it's 1-1. Regroup. We'll do it again, this time at 155 pounds. I came up to 170, faced the bigger man and overcame my adversity. Now you want this trilogy, it happens on my terms. Come back down to 155. We'll do it."

This great fight has left many wondering when the 3rd and final match will be and it appears that we have finally gotten that answer. UFC President Dana White has come out today and told reporters that there will be a 3rd fight between Diaz and McGregor, but there will be a twist. "To make this fight fair for both sides, we will be having a Rock-Paper-Scissors match" White said. Rock-Paper-Scissors has been known to settle some of the most famous arguments in household history, including who should empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, or clean up the dishes after dinner. There have been no reports on how much experience either side has with rock-paper-scissors, but is expected to be a good match."Rock-Paper-Scissors could be the future of out sport" White said. "The mental toughness required to win a game of rock-paper-scissors is like no other."

White has not given any information on the format of the rock-paper-scissors match, but reporters were able to catch up with McGregor to ask him about the fight. McGregor told reporters, "in all of my days, I don't think I've ever lost a game of rock-paper-scissors." "I just downloaded the app on my Iphone, so you bet I am going to be practicing." Diaz has not commented since the 3rd fight was announced, but close friends told reporters that he has been only doing bicep curls in the gym to prepare.

Get ready for a fight for the ages.

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