The Lebron vs Steph argument: the need for an NBA Offensive Player of the Year award

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

It's bad enough listening to ESPN worship Lebron and Steph Curry by flooding our TVs with endless highlights and coverage, but now we have to argue about who deserved the MVP award? I have a solution that even a person with a brain could figure out. 

​I am proposing that the NBA creates and offensive player of the year award, which would be awarded separately from the MVP award. Lebron would win the MVP and Steph would win offensive player of the year. The NFL does this and it makes complete sense. Steph is undoubtedly the best offensive player in the NBA, but not the best overall player. On any given night, Lebron is the best overall player on the court.

It is hard to argue against Steph Curry. The Warriors point guard became the first unanimous NBA MVP this season, but that still came with much debate saying that the award could have been given to Lebron James.

Let's be real here... after setting the regular season record for wins with 73, that was the seal on the envelope for Steph Curry. Steph is a tremendous player, no argument about it, but is he more deserving of the MVP award then Lebron? In my opinion he isn't.

I do not think that Steph Curry could carry a mediocre team like Lebron could. When the Cavaliers got swept by the Spurs in the 2007 finals, the two best players on the roster other than Lebron were Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Drew Gooden. There are few people who could remember any other significant player on that roster. Lebron was the superstar on this team. I mean he left for Miami because he was playing with a bunch of nobodies in Cleveland. Lebron meant everything to those early Cavaliers teams.

Take away Steph Curry on the Warriors and you still get a very talented team with the likes of Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Draymond Green and a very deep bench. This team still has a chance to reach the Western Conference Finals or the NBA finals. 

Take away Lebron from the Cavs and I cannot see them getting very far in the playoffs. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are inconsistent and do not have the leadership or locker room presence that Lebron has. They couldn't even motivate me to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Lebron means more the the Cavaliers than Steph means the Warriors.