The worst 73 win team we've ever seen?

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After tonight's loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Warriors look to have little to no chance to winning the Western Conference Finals. The Warriors have become the worst 73 win team we have ever seen. Never have we seen another 73 win team play this awful in an NBA playoff series. 

​It's looking like it would've been better for the Warriors to have won 72 games instead of 73 this year. If the Warriors lose this series it will be the first time a 73 win team has ever lost a series in the NBA playoffs. This would mean embarrassment to the whole Warriors organization and their fans. 

Steph Curry has seemed to forgot his chef hat and can't make shots, while Draymond Green seems to still be fantasizing about Steven Adam's balls. If the Thunder continue to play like they did tonight, the Warriors are going to have little to no chance to come back and make this series competitive.