Kyle Juszczyk: Making NFL Fullbacks Great Again

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Juszczyk is not your average fullback. First of all, the man is from Harvard and not only was the Ivy League Offensive Player of the Year but also an All American. The guy is the definition of a gritty player. He is not only blocking for running backs, but adding versatility in other parts of the game as well.

Usually fullbacks are not in the stat sheet because their job is to be blocking for the running back, but fourth round pick of the Ravens in 2013 is anything but just a blocker. In the 2015 season, Juszczyk caught 41 passes for 321 and 4 touchdowns. That's more than yards and touchdowns than some receivers may catch in a season. During some bad fantasy football weeks I've contemplated picking this guy up for my team, just because he always has a chance at scoring a touchdown every week. 

The crazy part is that 1/3 of NFL teams do not even carry a fullback on their team, but Juszczyk has found a home for himself with the Ravens. Ravens fans especially love this guy. The fullback is a crowd favorite at Ravens games, receiving the nickname "juice".

 You can hear this nickname belted throughout M&T Bank Stadium when he is introduced on game days. Juice is a gritty and all around solid player. For as bad of a season the Ravens had last year, he continued to shine as a right spot for the future. 

Juszczyk has shown us that the fullback position is still relevant in today's game. With the kind of ground and pound game the Ravens play in the AFC North, the fullback is one of the most important positions. Yes I might be a little biased as a Ravens fan, but whether you like the Ravens or not, you have to agree the guy is a solid football player. Although he might not make headlines every week like other skill positions, Kyle Juszczyk is making NFL fullbacks great again.