Anderson Varejao has already won the 2016 NBA Finals

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Anderson Varejao is the real winner  in the 2016 NBA Finals, and they haven't even started. The Warriors Center will be guaranteed a ring no matter what Is the outcome of this series. After spending 11 seasons with the Cavaliers, he was traded to the Warriors on February 18th as part of a 3 way trade. He basically went from a good team to and even better team. What is even better is that the Warriors and Cavaliers are now playing each other in the NBA finals. 
This is essentially a win/win situation for Varejao because there is a good possibility that he could get a ring no matter what the outcome of this series is. He barely is getting any playing time so if I were him I wouldn't even show up. If the Cavaliers win the NBA Finals, the decision is left up to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert to decide if Varejao deserves a ring or not.
Honestly I could see Dan Gilbert deciding to give Varejao the ring. Varejao played for the Cavs for 11 years and was traded unwillingly. Maybe Varejao can pull a Bill Belichick and videotape some Warriors practices for Tyron Lue. But you also have to consider that this is also the same owner who wrote a salty letter about Lebron leaving to Miami. Grow up Dan, you know no player actually wants to play in Cleveland. 
Congratulations on your finals ring Varejao. If you do not want it for some reason, please let me know which local pawn shop you will be selling it to.