Break out the checkbook if you want floor seats for Game 1

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN and ABC's Darren Rovell, a pair of floor seats for game 1 of the tonight's NBA Finals was sold on a resale site for $38,445.

That is not a typo. As someone who currently has about $150 in my bank account, I wonder how the hell you can spend that much money on a pair of NBA tickets. I would not be surprised to see Marlins Man sitting in those seats. I cringe when I see the $5 transaction fee I get for buying tickets on a resale site. These Warriors fans have taken bandwagoning to a new level (Yes that's a word I made up). To help everyone fathom how much money was spent, let me give you some examples of what you could do with that same amount of money.

1. You could buy 153,780 gum balls

2. You could invest in your future... Just kidding

3. It would only take 1 Instagram photo for 50 cent to claim that he actually had that much money

4. You could buy 90 pill capsules, that when digested can turn your poop into gold

5. You could buy 214 Samsung 35 inch TVs from Best Buy to watch the game yourself

6. You could buy 9,635 Big Macs from McDonalds.

7. You could pay for Dwayne Wade's flopping fine 7 times

8. You could but 2,563 pairs of glow in the dark underwear

9. You could buy 21,968 basketball mouth guards and chew obnoxiously on them like Steph Curry does.

10. You could buy 735 bottles of Rogane foam to avoid a hairline like Lebron James

I hope these examples have showed you that your money can be put towards more useful things. Don't be like Marlins Man. Stick to the nosebleeds and bring your binoculars.