Nyquist loses in the Preakness Stakes and on Twitter

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With stories about Harambe the Gorilla and the NBA Finals taking up all of the news coverage this week, another story has gone under the radar. After dropping out of the Belmont Stakes, Nyquist has basically become irrelevant after its Kentucky Derby win. We see this almost every year. The horse that wins the Kentucky Derby is over hyped and ends up letting us down in the Preakness or Belmont (excluding American Pharoah of course).

But what is different about Nyquist than other horses was its Twitter game. That's right, Nyquist did have a Twitter, emphasis on the "did". The guys from Barstool Sports, Big Cat and PFTCommenter, were able to get themselves blocked by the horse's Twitter account after some hilarious tweets were exchanged. I tried myself to get blocked by the Twitter account but failed miserably. Guess I was not harsh enough. Someone even took the time to create an Exaggerator twitter account to poke fun at Nyquist, adding insult to injury. Nyquist ultimately could not take the heat and deleted its Twitter account.

Never before have we seen a Horse act so immaturely on Twitter. Last year you would have never seen American Pharoah lashing out at random people on the Internet. Maybe we should take into account that Nyquist is only 3 years old and is not mature enough to handle the audience on Twitter. According to Twitter policy, you must at least be 13 years or older to be able to create an account. Did Nyquist lie about his birthday when making the account? Nyquist apparently not only lacks discipline on the race track, but off it as well.