National Donut Day: An ode to the big men in sports

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Today is National Donut Day, a way to have an excuse to cheat on your diet by eating a bunch of fried dough. All around the country, millions of Americans will be scarfing down donuts today. While many of you might just be eating 1-2 donuts today to watch your figure, I would like to dedicate this post to the big men in sports who would eat 10 times that. These men are the ones who entertain us with their big personalities and big stomachs as well. As a dedication to these big men, let me use this national holiday to share  my opinion on the  best big men in sports today.

While there are many other big men who could have made the list, we can all agree that every sports fan loves the big guy. Whether it is hitting a home run to picking up a fumble, the crowd always goes crazy.  Just because they may take longer to run down the court, field, or around the bases does not mean that we do not love them.  If you see any of these guys walking around your area today, be sure to offer them a doughnut or two.. or five.