Jason Pierre-Paul vows to never touch another firework again

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

While many Americans will be celebrating the upcoming 4th of July holiday with fireworks, Jason Pierre-Paul now knows better. Pierre-Paul can count 4 good reasons on his fingers why he shouldn't be celebrating 4th of July with fireworks this year. Too soon? In an interview for OTAs, the Giants defensive end said "I won't even be in the United States. Where I'm going, they don't even celebrate the Fourth of July." I would love for him and I to shake on that, but I don't think that is possible anymore. I do feel bad for him though. Never again can he make a pull my finger joke.

The 4th of July incident last year caused Pierre-Paul his right index finger and the potential for a big contract from the Giants. Instead he signed a one year deal, 9.4 million dollar contract with the team. He is now playing with a club on his right hand that is basically a batting ball machine. While his career will never be the same again, I believe that he will still be able to contribute a good number of sacks and tackles with the Giant's defense. If he can play up to his potential, there is still a possibility for him to get a long term contract if he can prove himself. The club on his hand almost seems unfair too. In a game against the Carolina Panthers last year, Pierre-Paul batted a pass from Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. It almost looked unfair to how easy it was for Pierre Paul to swat down the pass.

If I were an NFL quarterback I would be terrified. Instead of worrying about a defenders' hands batting down a pass, they have to worry about a club. Bold prediction: Pierre-Paul will lead the NFL in batted passes this year, if that really matters. Let's be real though, even with the club he still has better hands than Torrey Smith.