Aaron Hernandez hires new attorney team, says his inspiration is O.J. Simpson

Former Patriots tight-end Aaron Hernandez has announced that he has ditched his original defense team and has hired new team of attorneys, which includes Casey Anthony's former lawyer. Hernandez is currently sentenced in to life in prison without parole in 2013 for the killing of Odin Lloyd. He also currently awaiting trial from accusations of  being involved in a double murder of two men outside a nightclub in Boston in 2012.

You know you've made it when you are being mentioned in the same breath as Casey Anthony. Does he think he is going to pull and O.J. Simpson and get away with this one? There is no argument for a fair trial here anymore. It's obvious that Hernandez killed Lloyd and that he was involved in the other murders, but he continues to try to prove his innocence anyways. I understand that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but in this case the only reason you would believe that is if you have been watching too many Law and Order marathons.

It is clear that Hernandez is doing this to try to make himself relevant again. Even Patriots fans could care less. You are so irrelevant that they care more about deflated footballs. Come on Aaron... they let that lunatic Casey Anthony go, you think they are going to make the same mistake twice with you? No chance. The best thing you can do for yourself now is to worry about not dropping the soap in jail. If it does make you feel any better, I'll try to draft you for my fantasy football team this year.