The Warriors bench is so deep you could drown

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Now down 3-1 in the NBA Finals, Lebron and company are on the verge of extinction. I use the word "company" very loosely when it comes to the Cleveland Cavaliers. If there is one major advantage that the Warriors have over the Cavaliers in this series it is their bench. Defense does win championships, but a good bench is just as equally as important.

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The Warriors bench depth is ridiculous. They have a number of bench players in Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston, Leandro Barbosa, and Marreeses Speights who could arguably start for other teams in the NBA. Livingston, out of all people, even lead all players in scoring when he dropped 20 points in Game 1. If you look at the past NBA Finals winners, you can see the bench depth. When the Spurs won the Finals in 2013 they had arguably the best bench that year, which consisted of Patty Mills, Boris Diaw, Corey Joseph, Marco Belinelli, and Tiago Splitter. Lebron does not have the depth in Cleveland that he did when he won 2 titles with the Miami Heat. The Warriors had an identical bench last year when they won the Finals and the reemergence of Andre Igoudala even won himself the Finals MVP. In my books the 2007 Cavaliers team still hold the record for the worst Finals bench, which consisted of players like Sasha Pavlovic and Larry Hughes. Right, because you remember those players. Many middle school AAU basketball teams could have provided better depth for that Cavaliers team. Larry Hughes ended up starring in the movie Sharknado.. quite the career. Still believe it will be a better acting performance than Lebron will have in Space Jam 2. Many middle school AAU basketball teams could have provided better depth for that Cavaliers team.

Aside from Game 4, Stephen Curry has looked more like a water boy from the amount of time he has sat on the bench in this series. The Warriors bench depth has almost seemed to overshadow Curry and Thompson. It seems to be a new player emerging every night from the Warriors bench. Steve Kerr trusts in his bench completely and has no problem dropping them into high pressure situations. It's like having that one nerd in class that does the homework and then sends it to every one else. No matter how hard the homework is, you know that you can always count on that kid. People say the Warriors bench could even be a playoff team in the Eastern Conference in today's NBA. I wouldn't go that far, but their bench is ridiculously good. Many NBA teams would kill for some of those players. It would not surprise me if a player not named Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson won the Finals MVP.