Karlos Williams says he got fat because of Fiancee's pregnancy

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Yes you read that right, Buffalo Bills running back Karlos Williams showed up to mini camp overweight and blamed it on his fiancee's pregnancy. When asked about the weight gain Williams said, "I like to eat and her being pregnant gave me an excuse to eat, so eating anything and everything." Bill's coach Rex Ryan expressed his displeasure with the situation and Williams has been doing individual workouts at minicamp to try to shed off the extra weight. Williams was definitely the kid in middle school who would try to trade the healthy lunch his mom packed him for a chocolate snack pack or a bag of Oreos.

Usually it is the wife that has to worry about losing the baby weight, but Williams has seemed to have added that extra weight on as well. We have to give him some credit, at least he gave us an original excuse as to why he gained so much weight. While it may take a normal man a couple years to lose the weight, I am sure Williams will be able to drop the weight in a couple of weeks and be ready for the season. If the Bills and the NFL wanted to make money they would have stuck him on an episode of The Biggest Loser with Eddie Lacy and have them battle it out. Too bad William isn't still a rookie because I am sure Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy would be making him do the truffle shuffle in the locker room.

While Williams did put on the baby weight, I don't think it is very fair for Rex Ryan to be displeased with someone getting fat. This is the same coach that took the easy way out by getting liposuction. Rex should have been more like his brother Rob and embraced his fat. Everyone liked fat Rex better anyways. I am very scared to see what is going to happen when Eddie Lacy has children. He might possibly end up having to make the transition from running back to offensive line if that happens.