Carson Wentz locks himself in gas station bathroom, officially named the "#2" quarterback

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

One of the more interesting stories you will hear today. Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz got himself locked in a New Jersey gas station and had to rescued by two gas station attendants. One gas station attendant had to use a pair of garden shears while the other attendant kicked down the door. Not really sure how you get yourself into the situation where you need garden shears to free you from a gas station bathroom but hey, maybe Wentz just really wanted to stay locked in the bathroom. Being locked in a New Jersey gas station bathroom is better than playing for the Eagles right? Maybe so. Either way, this is definitely not the start that Wentz wanted to his rookie campaign.

I'm sure Sam Bradford's heart sunk hearing the news that Wentz was able to escape from the bathroom. For about 5 minutes into mini camp, Sam Bradford was the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. There's a good chance that Bradford would have torn his ACL trying to escape from the bathroom if he was in the same situation. It has to be troubling for the Eagles if Wentz is having these problems. You have to remember that the Eagles gave up a lot to trade up to draft Wentz with the #2 overall pick. If he cannot escape a gas station bathroom, how can we expect him to escape the pocket during the season? Is it too early to call Wentz a bust because of this? The Eagles organization will have many questions to address.

There is good news to this story. I hear that the attendant that kicked down the door to save Wentz is already gaining interest from the 76ers.. will keep you updated on the situation.