Von Miller is acting like a little girl

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
The Von Miller contract saga keeps on giving and giving. Miller and Broncos have not been able to agree on a contract and talks have heated up recently. Yesterday, Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox received a 6 year, $103 million contract extension with $63 million guaranteed. Miller believes that he is the best defender in the NFL and recently rejected a $114.5 million contract with $39.8 million guaranteed. The linebacker has publicly said that he will not sit out this season because of contract negotiations but posted a picture on Instagram today saying that there was no chance that he would play under the franchise tag for the Denver Broncos this season. During the Broncos visit to the White House last week, Miller posted a picture with teammates and suspiciously cropped out general manager John Elway.

He is obviously going to get a big contract no matter what, so is it worth holding out for a couple more millions of dollars? Miller is already making more money than I and many other people will ever make in our lifetimes, so why even complain? The fact that he took to social media to complain just makes this situation even worse. Just keep contract talks behind closed doors. I'm not going around posting tweets about how I make $8.75 an hour for my summer job. You know how much controversy I would stir if I did? Adam Schefter and every major sports reporter would be trying to contact me for an interview. If the Denver Broncos can't end up signing Miller, I would be very happy to take the contract. If I were Von Miller I would stay off of social media. It looks bad on you when you are complaining about how many millions of dollars you are going to end up making. Stop being a whiny little girl.