A letter from Steph Curry's mouth guard to Steph Curry

Hey Steph, you know where I am right now? Still on the floor of Quicken Loans Area, right where you left me. I just wanted to let you know that what you did to me wasn't right. I'm sorry you've choked in these Finals but that isn't my fault. You've chewed on me all this season and frankly I'm tired of the way you've been treating me.

That man that you threw me at didn't deserve to get hit Steph. Just because you can throw better than all of the Denver Broncos quarterbacks doesn't mean you can just show off in front of millions of people. Have some respect for me please. That man payed lots of money to watch the game. Do you think he expected to get hit by a mouth guard Steph? Of course not. He was just casually minding his own business, just like I was, when suddenly you decided to throw me.

You know what Steph? I'm glad we are going to a Game 7. We won 73 games in the regular season but I hope you lose this last one. This is what you get for losing your temper. I see how Matthew Dellavedova treats his mouth guards Steph. He treats his mouth guards with respect. Never once have I seen him throw his mouth guard. You've changed Steph. It must have been all that time you have been spending with Draymond. They call you Chef Curry, but all you've cooked up tonight his a big fat loss. Sorry isn't good enough this time Steph.


Your former mouth guard