Marcin "El Chapo" Gorat has millions of dollars lying around

Some people like to be paid in checks, but Marcin Gortat prefers to be paid in cash. The Polish Hammer is currently on a 5 year $60 million dollar deal with the Washington Wizards. The caption of the photo titled "I don't trust banks" and showed hundreds of stacks of dollar bills.

One must wonder why Gortat has so much money lying around, so let us speculate.

1. With the capture of Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo, has Gortat taken his talents from Washington D.C. to Mexico to take over his reign?

2. Is this a recruiting technique to show Kevin Durant how much he could be making if he signs with the Wizards? (Durant's stack would most likely be 5x this one)

3. Has Gortat been hanging out with Drake too much in the off-season and has developed trust issues?

4. Is this the amount of money that Gortat has bet on his home country in the 2016 UEFA Euro Championship? Poland is currently 25/1 odds to win the tournament so Gortat would be making a hefty sum.

Gortat was also in the news last week from another picture that he posted on Instagram. The picture showed Gortat with a giraffe at a Zoo in Warsaw, Poland. It was reported that the Zoo named the Giraffe after the Washington Wizards center.

Keep doing you Marcin Gortat.