Is Joe Flacco too elite to die?

You can never trust what you read on the internet right? First Roger Goodell and now Joe Flacco? Last night, the twitter account @RavensNationLive tweeted out that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had passed away in a car accident. No worries though, the Ravens quarterback is just fine. The account later rescinded the tweet claiming that they had been hacked. A smilier situation happened in earlier June when the official NFL Twitter account had been hacked, claiming that current commissioner Roger Goodell had passed away.

If it was reported that you died when you really didn't, you would be mad right? Not Joe Cool. Once Flacco heard about the rumors, he quickly took to Twitter to send out this tweet. 

What an elite response by Joe Flacco. No wonder he is getting all that money. He is not only poised in the pocket during a game, but also when faced with the uncertainty of whether he was actually dead or not. So now we must beg the question, is Flacco too elite to ever die? 

Hopefully Flacco is similar to John Snow when it comes to coming back from injury. The quarterback is still recovering from a torn ACL he suffered in November and is expected to be ready by the start of the NFL season.