The Cavaliers literally pieced together their championship run

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Want to know how to win the NBA Finals? All you have to do is build a puzzle. Yes you heard that correctly. Thanks to stalking of Richard Jefferson's snapchat, reporters were able to figure this out.

Before the Cavaliers began their 2016 playoff run, they started out with a 16 piece puzzle of the Larry O'Brien Trophy. The 16 pieces of the puzzle symbolized the 16 wins that the Cavaliers needed to win the trophy. According to ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst, a puzzle piece was added after each win by different players who contributed the most in that game. Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love was the one exception and put on the puzzle piece after the Game 3 Finals win against the Warriors. Love had missed the game because of a concussion so I'm assuming that it took about 30 minutes and a couple of teammates to be able to make sure he was turning the puzzle piece in the right direction. After the Game 7 finals win against the Warriors, head coach Tyron Lue put the final piece together. How fitting.. no pun intended.

Maybe that's why the Cavaliers played so well and were able to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals. Have you ever not finished a puzzle? I can attest and say that it is one of the most frustrating things you can experience. There is no way that they could have not finished the puzzle. But how impressive was building this puzzle? Honestly not impressive at all. Stevie Wonder could have probably built that puzzle if he really wanted to. There was only 16 pieces and they didn't have to deal with those blue sky pieces? Call me when you build a real puzzle Lebron.

The real question here is what happened to the puzzle trophy after the Cavaliers won the championship? My guess is that Kevin Love took the puzzle mistaking it for the real trophy and has been holding on it ever since. May be a good idea because he might not ever win another one again.