Tarvaris Jackson's wife has some huge balls.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Former Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson was arrested on Friday for pulling a gun on his wife. Jackson was visiting family in Florida when he arrived at the house drunk and kicked in the bedroom door with a gun. After a verbal altercation with his wife, he pulled out a loaded gun, pointed it at her and said "I'll kill you." Jackson's wife responded by saying "You better be accurate (because) you ain't accurate on the field." A witness in the house was able to grab Jackson to stop him from shooting the gun.  

Jackson is a huge scumbag for pulling a gun on his wife, but her response was absolutely hilarious. She is definitely the one who wears the pants in the relationship. I wonder how she came up with that kind of response out of all the things  she could've said when starring down the barrel of a gun. I probably would be shitting my pants before I would ever think of that kind of response.  Jackson is currently a free agent and has not started a game since 2011, so it sounds like she has been waiting to say this for quite some time. 

Not only were you an absolute idiot by getting drunk and pulling a gun on your wife, but you also got roasted by her as well? There is no going back from this if you are Tarvaris Jackson. You are facing criminal charges, no NFL team is ever going to sign you again, and your confidence is at an all time low. You are no supposed to bring knife to a gun fight, but bringing your insults is apparently quite effective.