Tim Tebow helps aid man suffering heart attack on plane

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

On a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Phoenix last Sunday, a man began to suffer heart problems. The man appeared to be having a heart attack on the flight. Witnesses on the flight said that the Delta crew members and other passengers were able to quickly leap into action to help the man. One of those passengers helping was none other than former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. According to an article on from Fox News, Tebow met with the family of the passenger and prayed with the entire section of the plane. The man miraculously "got a pulse back" once the plane landed in Phoenix, but later died in the hospital.

People are going to come out and say "oh well why should we even give him praise, why is he getting this publicity." You can't really hate on Tebow after hearing this story. Yes he wasn't the one directly trying to save the mans life, but that's because there was a medical professional on the flight already doing that. Tim Tebow has always been open about his faith, from his high school days to his NFL career, so I don't see why many would be surprised to see him praying with others in this situation. That's who Tim Tebow is. It doesn't matter if you are a devout christian or an atheist, in a stressful situation Tebow helped in a way he knew how and tried to calm down the family and the other passengers on the plane. How can you get mad at him for that? It's not like he was asking for attention and taking selfies with the medical personnel as they tried to help the man. If you think he did this asking for attention, then you're being ridiculous. Tim Tebow may not be able to throw a football in the right direction, but he is just an overall good guy.

Don't want give Tim Tebow a starting quarterback job in the NFL? That's fine. He has much better things to do. Also, may it be noted that Tebow has more playoff wins than current starting quarterbacks Sam Bradford, Andy Dalton, Matthew Stafford, and Ryan Tannehill. #BringbackTebow