Andrew Luck's pen gets intercepted as he signs new deal

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Luck signed a 6 year $140 million contract with the Indianapolis Colts today, the largest contract in NFL history, but it did not come without some controversy. As Luck was about to ink his signature into the contract he dropped the pen on to the floor and it was intercepted by a janitor. The janitor picked up the pen from across the room and threw a perfect spiral back to Luck. Colt's owner Jim Irsay said, it was one of the most impressive things he has ever seen. When interviewed about the incident he said, "In all my time as an owner, I've never seen such a perfect spiral." The janitor, who's name we will not use for confidentiality purposes, also commented on the incident. When asked he said, "I've been watching [Andrew] Luck throw interceptions since he arrived here with the Colts. I've just been teaching myself to throw by doing the exact opposite of what he is doing." The Colts have since signed the janitor on a 2-year deal to the practice squad and he could be in contention to start in the 2016 season. Luck has not commented since the incident occurred.

This is not something new for 5th year quarterback out of Stanford. His 2015 season was one to forget. Luck missed 2 games early in the season with rib problems and then missed 7 games with a lacerated kidney. In the 7 games that Luck did play, he racked up 13 turnovers and only completed 55.3% of his passes.  Jim Irsay said that Luck's previous injuries and abysmal 2015 season "didn't factor into the negotiations." Irsay is known for  throwing out big money on random things. He recently paid $137,500 for a Prince guitar and also spent $2 million on a Ringo Starr drum set. Is Andrew Luck worth more than Prince and Ringo Starr? Absolutely not. I don't know if we can trust a owner who is throwing around this kind of money to a guy from Stanford.

Luck better hope he has some luck staying healthy this season. His $23.3 million average is the highest out of any quarterback in the NFL and he will be facing some high expectations in the upcoming seasons.