Zack Hample vs Marlins Man: Battle of the nerds

If you want to see two of the biggest losers on the internet argue and subtweet each other then just hop right on Twitter. Now I'm all about Twitter fights but this one is just lame. 

On one side you have Zack Hample, the 38 year old who chases balls around in MLB stadiums. He became famous for catching A-Rods 3,000th hit in 2015. Hample now goes around to different MLB stadiums catching foul balls and home runs. He has collected over 9,000 baseballs from 51 different MLB stadiums. He sure loves his balls.

On the other side we have Marlins Man. If you've watched any major sporting game you've seen this guy. He has become known for dressing up in all orange Miami Marlins gear and attending major sporting events, sitting in the front row so everyone can see him. He has claimed himself has the most famous Marlins fan and ironically is seen just about everywhere except a Marlins game.

Now here is where the fight begins. On July 3rd, Fort Bragg Army Installation in North Carolina held a MLB game between the Miami Marlins and Atlanta Braves, with tickets only being available to those on the base with a Department of Defense ID. Hample went on social media expressing interest in wanting to attend the game. He put up a video on YouTube asking for help and even went as far as making a Tinder account and offering $1000 for a ticket. Hample was ultimately able to get to the game and tweeted pictures of himself  along with the 11 baseballs he caught. This angered many people who lashed out at Hample on social media. Rules has stated that no person receiving a ticket to the game should sell or give the ticket way. Hample issued an apology the next day on Twitter and claimed that he went as a guest with a friend who got a pair of tickets and his girlfriend did not want to go. Hample said that he donated 10 of the 11 commemorative baseballs he caught and he also donated $1,000 to 

Now this is where it gets funny

Marlins Man comes out the next day criticizing Hample. He claimed that he also had a ticket to the event but did not attend because the game was for military personnel only. Marlins Man sent out a tweet claiming Hample lied about his story and that he paid for the tickets and snuck into the game. He threatened Hample and said that he has until 6pm to come clean or else he would post "proof." The two have been subtweeting each other since and it has made for some quality entertainment.

Forget taking sides on this, both of these guys are complete losers. They try to make the games about themselves and both are self-centered idiots. Why would Zack Hample offer $1,000 to see the Braves play the Marlins?If they really care about donating to charities and being the "good people" they claim they are, then they should meet up and fight this one out steel cage match style to end this feud. I would definitely pay to see that.  Would still be better than Mayweather vs Pacquiao.