Bucs' wide receiver gets hammered at wedding and wakes up locked in a museum the next morning

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Louis Murphy attended a wedding of a college teammate over the weekend and found himself locked in a museum the next morning. According to an article from the Tampa Bay Times, Murphy woke up and found himself locked in the Flagler Museum, where the wedding was held. In the article Murphy stated that he had been drinking and that he broke a museum glass door to unlock it. Police said that there would be no charges filed against Murphy and that the "parties agreed to work out the repair costs amount themselves."

What is going on with these NFL guys? First police find Denard Robinson asleep in a car that is sinking in a pond and now Louis Murphy wakes up locked in a museum? Must be something in the Florida water. Good thing Jameis Winston was not at the wedding. God knows where he would have ended up. Hopefully not a table yelling out phrases like in his Florida State days. 

You know what, I don't blame Louis Murphy one bit for what he did. I would be drinking heavily if I played for the Bucs as well. A silver lining from this incident could be that Louis Murphy might have just indirectly recruited Johnny Manziel to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since Johnny has announced going sober on July 3rd, he has been itching to get back to partying.

 On the bright side, this does look like a better sequel to Night at the Museum.