El Chapo escapes prison again, rumored to be joining KD and the Warriors

El Chapo has just pulled a 3-peat. The 61 year old Mexican drug lord has been rumored to have escaped from prison for the 3rd time. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison for drug trafficking in 1993 and was able to escape in 2001 by paying off the guards. He was also able to escape again and was recaptured in January. Rumor has it that he is currently on his way to San Francisco to sign a deal with the Golden State Warriors.

This all makes perfect sense. El Chapo was currently awaiting to be extradited for crimes in the United States. He obviously saw Kevin Durant be introduced to the Warriors yesterday and was a bit jealous. According to my sources, El Chapo will be heading to Golden State to sign a 5 year max deal, which will be contingent on whether he will be able to stay out of jail. 

With all of the free agent moves that the Warriors have been making this off-season, this seems to be the most prominent one. Forget KD, El Chapo has been the most wanted man in the world for years and the Warriors were able to land him. It now proves that San Francisco is the most attractive place to play in today's league. While his jump shot does need some work, his ability to escape prison and evade defenders will translate directly on to the court. Durant and other Warriors players have no commented on the situation yet. It is expected that El Chapo will play in the starting 5, but it is not clear where. He stands at 5'6, so it is possible that he will be competing with Steph for the starting point guard spot. If not, he will provide a solid option off of the bench.