Lebron is too busy playing Pokémon Go to sign a new deal with the Cavs

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

With millions of dollars being thrown around in NBA Free Agency since July 1st, there have been some very notable players who have not signed with teams, including Lebron James. James signed a 2 year $47 million contract with the Cavaliers in 2015, but according to ESPN he told the Cavaliers that he would not be picking up his $24 million option for next year. This has left many Cavs fans and NBA fans wondering why James has taken so long to sign a new contract and I know why. It is because of Pokemon Go.

If you haven't heard about Pokémon Go then you've been living under a rock. The game was released on IOS in the the US this month and allows for players capture and battle with virtual Pokémon who appear in the real world. You cannot walk around outside without seeing people staring at their phones playing Pokémon Go. Lebron James has recently taken interest into the game and has been seen around Cleveland trying to catch Pokémon. When asked about it James said, "In a city that is a boring as Cleveland, you have to find something to do in the offseason, so I've been trying to catch some Pokémon." His addiction to the game has seemed to worry those high up in the Cavaliers organization. It is rumored that James could be holding out on a contract because of the lack of Pokémon in the Cleveland area. Instead of going to a gym to workout, James has been going to Pokémon gyms to battle other trainers. Instead of shooting basketballs, he is shooting around Poké balls. James has also repeatedly gotten into fights with teammates and head coach Tyron Lue over Pokemon battles in the Cavaliers facility. 

If James does not sign a new contract with the Cavaliers, where could we see him go? It is possible that he could choose a city with the best chance to catch new Pokémon. Cities such as Miami and Los Angeles seem to be front runners and have had very positive reviews for catching Pokémon. James has not commented on a possible move because of Pokémon Go, but we cannot rule this out as a possibility. He has brought a championship back to Cleveland, but can he catch them all for Cleveland?