Kobe Bryant writes letter to younger self but is too selfish to give it to him

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Black Mamba has been retired since last season, but he has not stayed out of the news. On Wednesday, Bryant wrote a letter to his 17 year old self. In the letter, Bryant told his younger self to invest and to not give all of his money to his family. According to an article in Fox Sports, Bryant has not spoken to his parents since 2013, when they allegedly tried to sell memorabilia without his permission.

After writing the heart felt letter to his 17 year old self, it was reported that Bryant was too selfish to send it back to his younger self. We know that Kobe Bryant has been known for his selfishness and his unwillingness to pass but we have never seen it go this far. Bryant wouldn't pass the ball to his teammates during his career, but now he can't even pass on the letter to himself.

17 year old Kobe Bryant was not surprised that his older self did not pass him the letter. In an interview with reporters he said, "he never was known to pass during his career, so I am not surprised that he hasn't passed the letter back to me yet." When asked if he thinks that older Kobe Bryant will ever pass the letter on to him, 17 year old Bryant said, "Probably not. He was a guy who only averaged 4.7 assists a season in his career, and that was too much for him, so I can't see him passing on the letter to me."

It has been reported that the letter is not the only thing that Bryant has not been passing. According to a report, his spouse and daughters have said that it has been occurring in the house as well. During family meals, Bryant will not pass around food or utensils, forcing his family to have to get up and get their forks themselves. Not sure if this kind of behavior will continue, but we will keep you updated.