Tim Duncan is enjoying retirement like you would expect him to... by shopping at Old Navy

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Duncan has just retired but does not seem to be shy in showing himself around in pubic. A picture on Twitter surfaced showing Duncan standing in line at an Old Navy store. 

Players can be people too right?

As a guy who's made a couple million in his career, it's nice to see him spending his money wisely. This is exactly how everyone would expect Duncan to be spending his retirement. Not even talking to anyone around him, just staying quiet and looking at his phone. This is the same guy who didn't even show up to his own retirement press conference. Not spending time on banana boats like Lebron James and Chris Paul, but shopping at Old Navy.. I love it.

This should not come as much of a surprise that Duncan is shopping here, considering some of the pregame outfits he has worn. 

As great of a player Timmy D was, you could almost mistake him for a homeless person. Would rather see him shopping for clothes at Old Navy over wherever Russell Westbrook gets his clothes...

Enjoy retirement Timmy, you deserve it.