An open letter from Chris Sale's jersey to Chris Sale

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Chris,

Hoping your having fun sitting at home while I sit in the locker room all cut up. You have 14 wins this season, but it only took 1 cut to hurt my feelings. I haven't seen this much cutting since a 2nd grade Art class. Was it worth it Chris? Was it? Because of your immaturity we had to start a pitcher who hasn't pitched since 2008. The funny thing is that we are winning right now without you.

The internet isn't taking this lightly Chris. They are photo-shopping your face on to pictures of Edward Scissorhands. You know how embarrassing that is? You did this Chris, you did this. I haven't seen this kind of neglect to equipment since Steph Curry threw his mouth piece. Did you hear what happened to Steph after he did that? His team lost in the NBA Finals. I can't even fathom what is going to happen to you after this incident.

I know I am an ugly throwback jersey, but do you think you could have just sucked it up and wore me for one night? That's selfish. Bartolo Colon can barley fit into his jersey every time he pitches, but he still plays anyway. You could learn something from that. You know what? I hope you get traded now. I didn't want you to get traded at first, but now I think it is time for you to go. Go cut up someone else's jersey Chris. We are done.


Your former jersey