BREAKING: Man climbing Trump Tower is Carmelo Anthony looking to lose weight for the upcoming NBA season

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the United States, but he might want to focus on the walls of his Trump Tower first. About an hour ago, a man began to scale up the side of Trump Tower on 5th avenue in New York City. Police have since identified the man climbing the tower as New York Knicks power forward Carmelo Anthony. Anthony has been thought to be at the Olympics right now but was scratched for the US Men's game tonight against Australia.

Detectives believe that Anthony is climbing the tower in order to slim down for the upcoming NBA season. He sits at a hefty 236 pounds so it is not surprising that he is trying to slim down before the Knicks opener against the Houston Rockets on October 4th. The Knicks are expected to compete in a weak Eastern Conference and newly acquired point guard Derrick Rose has told reporters that he thinks the Knicks are a "Superteam." Have some faith Knicks fans, these actions mean that Carmelo is finally ready to compete for a championship this year. Anthony won a NCAA Championship with Syracuse in 2003 and has yet to make it to a NBA Finals. 

It's clear that Anthony was tired of doing cardio classes at the gym and running up and down the streets of NYC, so he wanted to try something new. I don't blame him, I've climbed many rock walls and those are fun as hell. I am sure he will reward himself with a nice buffet once he climbs down.