El Chapo's son kidnapped by the Thunder as they prepare for life without Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant announced his decision to leave the Thunder in July and it shocked the city of Oklahoma City, but they may have acquired a better option. It has been reported that Jesus Guzman, the son of Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo, has been kidnapped. It was originally thought that Guzman had been kidnapped by a rival gang, but sources have said that Thunder head coach Billy Donovan was behind the master plan. "We've been missing that key component to our starting lineup, but I think we've finally find it" Donavan said. 

Although Guzman might not have the same height and length as Durant, his nickname in Spanish is "the fat one" so he will provide some much needed girth to a small Thunder lineup. Jesus and his brother have taken over the family cartel business since their father has been jailed, so it looks like he will have no problem negotiating a contract with the Thunder. After watching his father escape from jail a couple of times, I'm sure Jesus will have the skills to escape double teams and pressure on the court. He is also known to have a good shot for all the time he's spent with the cartel. It is believed that if Guzman is signed for the upcoming season, he will be wearing the #2 jersey to honor how many times his father has escaped from prison. 

Guzman told reporters that out of all the places he wanted to be kidnapped to, he was glad it was Oklahoma City. "The fans here are electric and I can't wait to get on the court" Guzman said. "I have to thank my dad for contributing to my booming success, you the real MVP." Those words sound very familiar from a former OKC star.... hmm...

El Chapo is expected to be extradited into the United States for incarceration, which will make it much easier for him to watch his son play during the upcoming NBA season. It would not surprise me to see him escape jail for a couple of days to sit court side and watch his son play in Oklahoma City.