Police say Lochte also admitted to peeing in Olympic pools

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

United States swimmer Ryan Lochte is facing some serious heat right now. Last weekend, Lochte and two other swimmers claimed to have been robbed at gun point. In an article from the New York Times, Lochte "claimed that men posing as police officers had pulled over their taxi and that an assailant had put a cocked gun to his forehead before taking his money." It has come out that the story of the robbery was completely made up by Lochte and that the swimmers got hammered at a party in Olympic Village and ended up vandalizing a gas station.

Along with lying about the robbery, Lochte has come out and told officials that he peed multiple times in the Olympic pools before going back to the U.S.

There had been many confusion to why the pool had turned green and Olympic officials had not given any official word to the cause until now. The night before his last race, Lochte snuck out after curfew and swam around in the Olympic diving pool. During his swim he peed multiple times into the pool, causing it to turn green. Many questioned why the officials chose to continue the diving, but after tests, officials said that the only chemical they found was all the bleach left from Lochte's hair. When asked why he didn't just use the bathroom in his room, Lochte claimed that he is more comfortable peeing in the pool since that is where he spends the most of his time.

Teammates Connor Dwyer and Michael Phelps told reporters that this did not come as a surprise to them. "Yea, I mean I wasn't really surprised when I heard he was peeing in the pool" Phelps said. "After racing against him for so many years, I always wondered why his lane was warmer than everyone else's." According to Dwyer, Lochte is known for having a small bladder. "Whenever we went out and partied in Rio, he would have to go to the bathroom after he drank one beer" Dwyer said. "He also peed his bed multiple times during the first week in Rio."

It doesn't surprise me that Lochte has been lying to everyone. Most people stop peeing the bed when they are about 6, but not Ryan Lochte. Could we see a sponsorship from Pampers in his future?