Joey Bosa has not signed with Chargers because he forgot how to spell his name

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

3rd overall pick Joey Bosa still has not signed a contract with the San Diego Chargers. According to an article from USA Today, the Chargers have withdrawn their latest contract offer. The latest contract offer included a signing bonus that would have been the largest that any player has received in the past 2 drafts. Bosa has rejected every contract the Chargers have offered him and the two sides cannot seem to come to an agreement. The lack of agreement between the two sides has left many Chargers fans and NFL fans confused. Why can't Bosa just ink his name on that contract? Turns out that is something very foreign to him.

Sources close to Joey Bosa and his family told reporters today that Bosa has not signed a contract with the Chargers because he forgot how to spell his name. Joey's parents John and Cherly thought that it would be easy for his son to remember his number because it is only four letters, but that does not seem to be the case. Even Joey's brother Nick, who is attending his brother's alma mater, can spell the name. "I never got straight A's in school, but I'm pretty sure it's spelled J-O-E-Y" Nick said. "I thought I was the dumb child, turns out I'm a lot smarter than I thought." Joey said the situation is much more complicated than it seems. He said, "At Ohio State, I never had to do any school work, so I never had to write down my name." "I know how to pronounce my name, I just am still confused if there is a Y or an E at the end." One reporter asked him to spell "Chargers" but Bosa avoided the question.

Bosa's former college coach, Urban Meyer, backed up his former player when appearing on SportsCenter today. "How can you blame the kid? We only put the last name on the jersey's so it doesn't surprise me one bit" Meyer said.

The Charger's organization has not commented on the situation yet. If Bosa does end up signing with a NFL team, it is expected that they will put his first and last name on the front of his jersey. An anonymous NFL executive said, "We could not risk [Bosa] straining his neck if he is constantly turning around to look at the back of his jersey."